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Furniture Design

KD 11

The KD11 dresser was designed to be a beautiful and easily assembled and transportable pieced of furniture. This knock-down piece of furniture breaks into 11 parts and requires no hardware or tools for assembly. Through a series of slots, panels and rods, this sturdy dresser/buffet will look good in any home.

Knock Down Bed

This stylish and easy to assemble bed was designed for the consumer who is always on the move. This pegboard and aluminum fished bed requires only four wing nuts for assembly and can easily be moved by a single person.  The side rails were designed with a half-inch reveal from the head and foot board to appear as if the supports are floating.

Birch Trunk

The end of the bed chest was designed to showcase the beauty that one finds in the layer of baltic-birch plywood.  To enhance the horizontal lines in the wood, a quarter-inch groove was routered on the surface.

Peacoat Chair

This chair was designed with the fashionista in mind. Taking cues from the fashion world, this garage sale chair was transformed for the runway! Visibly warn areas were reinforced using similar methods in outerwear design and the chair includes large side pockets for magazine storage.

Lounge Chair

Bauhaus-inspired lounge chair created with baltic-birch plywood and white leather.

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